Summer Update

It’s hard to believe it’s the middle of July already and a farm update is long overdue.  The spring flew by with lots of sun and more animals by the day.  The shiitake logs produced steadily, though lighter than we had been hoping.  As all 300 logs have been shocked once now, we are beginning the second round of “fruiting” and seeing some very impressive yields.  These 300 logs should continue to produce mushrooms for the next four years!  You can buy Tangled Roots Farm shiitakes here at the farm store and at the Rutland Coop.  Our shiitakes are also served regularly at the Downtown Grocery, an amazing restaurant in Ludlow.

The goats continue to impress us with their delicious milk and consistent yield.  We have plenty of milk for new customers so come on up to give goat’s milk a try (free samples!) and say hello to the ladies — and the boys, of course.  Tuck, pictured below left, is growing quite a luxurious beard while Thor is the gentlest and sweetest little guy we could hope for (zoom in on his picture, below right, to see what I mean).  We can tell from their, we’ll say, perfume that breeding season is around the corner!








The pigs have been feasting on waste milk, whey, and lots of forage as we move themthrough the orchard to expand our garden.  We have been cover cropping with buckwheat after they turn the soil, which has led to a very robust and overweight population of chipmunks and red squirrels taunting us as we do chores.






Broiler production is in full swing in both the pasture and the orchard.  The first group of birds followed the goats through the pasture since early June, the second group is working (their job: eat bugs, trim grass, get fat) in the orchard, and the last group will be arriving tomorrow!





Chickens are available at the farm store, give us a call to order a particular size (they range from about 3.5 to 5.5 lbs) or for a larger order (5% off for 10 or more!).  The broilers are raised entirely outdoors, fed local, organic grain (Morrison’s Feeds), and moved to fresh pasture daily.  The chickens are processed on-farm.  A Tangled Roots Farm roasted chicken has succulent, juicy meat and crispy delicious skin.  Giblets are tucked inside for the gravy and stock!

The new trees and berries in the orchard are really establishing themselves this season, and we expect a sizable elderberry harvest later this summer:

We are reminded daily at dinner time why we are farmers and why we love to feed our family, friends and neighbors.  A farm-fresh supper:

Since we don’t have high-speed internet here, it is much faster to post quick updates and photos on our Facebook page.  It’s a business page so you can view it even if you (like I) don’t have a personal page.  Check it out here and thanks for reading the TRF blog!


About Tangled Roots Farm

A forest shiitake mushroom farmer in Shrewsbury, Vermont.
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