July Happenings

It’s been a busy and productive month here at Tangled Roots.  Our animals have continued to thrive and grow while improving the fertility of our soil in the pasture and orchard.  The chickens seem to be right on track for their Aug. 22 processing.  Don’t forget that we are taking advance reservations on chickens!

The goats continue to eat their way through the brushy field one step ahead of the chickens and two steps ahead of our diligent mowing to cut down any remaining grass/stems.  I can’t wait to see what a difference the intensive grazing and management we have practiced this year will make.  Here’s a shot of the little herd heading down to the field:

Tuck has grown into quite a handsome young buck… he’s even starting to smell like one!  He will be moving in with the ladies before too long, which he will probably appreciate more than the barn kitten company that he has been keeping lately.

The pigs have made their way through the orchard and into the woods.  They will spend another week or two rooting up stumps for us while the forage crops we planted for them (after they had tilled the soil) reach maturity.  In addition to the peas, oats, vetch, and rye we have grown for the pigs, they are now feasting on fresh whey from Crowley Cheese.

Besides feeding, watering, and moving fences, we’ve been working on the new Goat House!  Here’s a shot of the progress:


About Tangled Roots Farm

A forest shiitake mushroom farmer in Shrewsbury, Vermont.
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