Spring Update

It’s finally looking like Springtime here at Tangled Roots Farm.  The goats spend their days hard at work improving our brushy pasture.  They still come up to their house each night, though, because we often hear packs of hungry coyotes roaming the hills behind the house.  Eventually we’ll have a few paddocks close to home and securely fenced where they will be able to eat fresh grass all night long.

Here’s Caspian enjoying some spring forage.

Now that the goats are out on pasture, we’re looking forward to having the broilers follow along behind them cleaning up the scraps and eating lots of flies and bugs.  They will have a low range shelter for protection from the elements and aerial predators and be surrounded by electric poultry net fencing to keep out other hungry threats.  Here’s a shot of the shelter in the works:

With the goats out of the house, we took on the Annual Muck-out Project… two days and eleven pick-up truck loads of bedpack later we have an enormous – and in our opinion beautiful – compost pile steaming away in the orchard waiting to offer its fertility to our depleted land.  In the same vein, we recently participated in a community effort to make Biodynamic Barrel Compost.  It was a fulfilling morning of shoveling and stirring fresh manure, egg shells, basalt, and compost preparations in great company.  The barrel compost should be ready in about three months and we will all get a share to dilute and spray on our land.

Biodynamic Barrel Compost ready to be buried for the summer months

Lastly, because I just can’t write a blog post without a baby goat picture or two, here’s Tuck lounging on the picnic table and keeping the lawn trimmed.  He’s almost 20 pounds already and eating lots of grass and hay!  Time is running out to meet him before he’s a big smelly guy…

We’re closing in on the end of our mushroom inoculation for this year, so check back soon for pictures of the laying yard.  We’re picking up our piglets this week as well, so start planning your summer farm visit!


About Tangled Roots Farm

A forest shiitake mushroom farmer in Shrewsbury, Vermont.
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