Our First Buck

A buck has joined our little goat herd here at TRF:  introducing Tuck Buckminster!

He's a curious little guy

Sorry about the pink collar, it was the only one small enough!







Tuck (as in Friar Tuck) is a purebred Oberhasli.  He has been adopted (and named and supported) by Nick Haggerty, the latest addition to our extended TRF goat family!  Tuck is about three weeks old now and very spunky.  We are planning on breeding our five does with him this fall — he’s going to grow up really quickly, check for updates often!  We are spending a lot of time handling Tuck so that when he’s a big smelly buck he will be easy to control.  Here’s some shots of a typical milking time these days:

Tuck is checking the milking supplies for some breakfast..

He's wondering if maybe he could just get a quick squirt









And finally, Mr. Buckminster finds his breakfast:

Despite Luke's outfit, it IS almost springtime here (upper 30's this morning...)

Check out his fancy black thigh-highs

Tuck is living in a separate pen with the ladies for now, so that he has some shelter and company as he adjusts to life at Tangled Roots.  He’ll be on his own for the summer, sadly, with just the company of humans, dogs, and some chickens.

Everyone is welcome to come and meet the studly Mister Tuck Buckminster!


About Tangled Roots Farm

A forest shiitake mushroom farmer in Shrewsbury, Vermont.
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