Goats in the Snow

It seems winter is upon us sooner than expected this year…  It snowed five inches over the weekend and it quickly became obvious that the Electronet fencing will not be able to handle the snow load.  We are now working on a more permanent wooden fence around the goat shed for winter.   The girls are getting used to a more hay-based diet and Fluffhead is very protective of her feeder.  Even though it’s hunting season here, we took the kids out on a browse walk to frolic in their first snow.  Princess Caspian especially liked her stylish orange hat.

We have been very busy with other fall activities around the farm.  We harvested and pressed apples for a batch of hard cider that is now fermenting in the living room by the wood stove.  The duck slaughter went smoothly and we are looking forward to elaborate duck dinners when farm life slows down.  We are hoping to expand our duck production next year.  Lucas recently completed a three-day pork processing workshop in Maine and plans for the pig slaughter are underway.  The porkers are definitely up to weight, we are simply waiting for the daytime temperature to be low enough for safe processing.  The turkeys and geese will (hopefully) be processed within a week of Thanksgiving.   It is also time to put our fields and gardens to sleep for the winter:  some have been cover cropped, some have been piled high with manure.


About Tangled Roots Farm

A forest shiitake mushroom farmer in Shrewsbury, Vermont.
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