Busy summer

We’re back on the blog! Apologies for the delayed post. TRF has been very busy this summer. Farming, animals growing, etc. We’re going to post a few pictures now to show you how big the goats, pigs, geese, ducks and turkeys are. There will be more info in the next week about some of the other activities going on. Enjoy the holiday weekend and you’ll be hearing more from us soon.

Ducks and geese all grown up. They grow faster than the turkeys.

Goats on the picnic table. They like to climb everything - and then jump off it.

No longer piglets!

A patch of land the pigs just uprooted. They can do this in about a day or two.


A walk in the woods with the goats. They happily follow along with bells around their necks.

Fa/Jerry/Grandpa/Beepa/Dad getting to know the goats (before jetting off to Spain).

The goats hear a person coming to the field. These looks are accompanied with a lot of goat-talk.

Miss Congeniality: Kabaj poses for the camera with her impressive horns.


About Tangled Roots Farm

A forest shiitake mushroom farmer in Shrewsbury, Vermont.
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