Another goat for the herd (and ducks and turkeys and geese for the gander)

Well, it’s been a busy week at TRF. We want to introduce this new lovely lady:

Her name is Barnum, and her adoptive mother is Marland Cannella. Barnum is happy to be home and yes – we let her inside the house too, but now she is outside and playing with her new sisters. Fluffhead has taken a particular liking to headbutting Barnum. There is just one more goat on the way and she was born yesterday.

In other exciting news, two goslings, seven ducklings, and seven turkey poults are now happily peeping away in their brooder. They’re somehow even cuter than chicken chicks.

And finally, the pigs have almost doubled in size already. We’ll be sure to post more later this week with pictures of the animals and some more of the work we’ve been doing around the farm. We hope you’re all enjoying this nice start to the summer.


About Tangled Roots Farm

A forest shiitake mushroom farmer in Shrewsbury, Vermont.
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